W H A T   I T   I S

The Client Machine® service is a simple, effective and affordable way for you to keep-in-touch and stay top-of-mind with people who are key to your success:

  • your prospects… who have yet to buy
  • your clients… who are likely to buy again and again over time
  • your centers-of-influence… who can refer prospective clients to you

H O W   I T   W O R K S

The Client Machine® service is a marketing communication service that is 100% ‘Done-For-You’ . . . NOT by you!

Each week, the following things are done . . . FOR YOU . . . NOT BY YOU:

We Find . . .

interesting, useful and FUN! (yes,we said ‘fun’!) links to online content

We Prepare . . .

personally-branded emails, for you, that link to five (5) online items of interest for the people you’re cultivating a relationship with for your business or practice

We Send . . .

your personally-branded emails to your prospects, clients and centers-of-influence We Report . . . back to you on who’s reading your emails, clicking the links and, most important . . . engaging with the brand called ‘Y-O-U’!

W H Y   I T   M A T T E R S

If you’re not consistently RE-minding people how you’re ‘ready, willing and able’ to serve them . . . you won’t be seeing meaningful results from them, either!

Unfortunately, far too many companies — maybe even yours — are not doing that on a regular basis because they feel they just can’t afford to do it!

The Client Machine® service helps you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with your prospects and clients on a regular basis . . . simply, easily and affordably

Just Pennies a Day!

Simple, Easy and Affordable!


If You Don’t Love It, You Owe Nothing!

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